Dear Gourmand!


You are holding the forth issue of our annual magazine in which
we tried to represent the most complete range of the Estonian restaurants.

There are 100 restaurants in this issue! Obviously, there are much
more places in Estonia, where you could stop to have fine dinner and have rest, but we have decided to stop namely on this figure. The most important is the psychological aspect of this figure, as well as the technical aspect. More restaurants make the magazine hard to read and even harder to carry.

It is highly important to focus Your attention on the fact that this
magazine does not represent the rating of the restaurants. These are just the restaurants that we highly recommend to visit in 2013. All of the restaurants are very different. Some of them even do not represent restaurants in its classic sense. Our wonderful jury, represented by journalists, businessmen, restaurateurs, cooks and active visitors, as well as experts of restaurants culture and I have considered these restaurants really worth visiting.

This year we are presenting У100 restaurants of EstoniaФ together
with the famous Georgian brand УGideliФ that produces great Georgian wine, brandy and other drinks. It might seem strange the fact that the Georgian Company is presenting Estonian restaurants, however we consider it to be a positive sign. It is the sign that on the other side things seem to be more objective. It is the sign that the cooperation and friendship between our countries resulted in practical matters - Georgian wines can be bought on Estonian market and tasted in our restaurants. I would express my sincere thanks to Mamuka Merabishvili for getting me acquainted with Georgian wines and his help in publishing the magazine. It is my great pleasure to share the information about Georgian wines on our pages. We are very happy to continue our long-standing cooperation with SPI Group Company, which represents such world known brands as Grants and Stolichnaya, Glenfiddich and Riga Balzams as well as other drinks. I would be very glad to express my appreciation to the director of SPI Group Company Estonian Department Ц Alexei Filippov for the information provided.


This year we have also prepared a pleasant surprise for our numerous subscribers Ц 100 recipes of the Estonian National Cuisine. The comprehensive collection of national recipes was never presented by anyone, moreover in four languages. I would take the chance to notice that these recipes are not created for professional restaurateurs. The collection is created for amateur that would like to try cooking at home. All the recipes were presented to us by our readers, cooks of restaurants, journalists, as well as the jury of our magazine. Special gratitude is addressed to Dmitri Demyanov Ц the famous restaurateur and the owner of Gloria and Egoist Restaurants - for providing the most of the recipes and the help in publishing the magazine.


Thank You, dear Gourmands of different countries, for being with us, helping with your letters and advice creating an even more and more interesting magazine for many years!


Enjoy visiting Estonian restaurants and Bon Appétit!

Chief Editor
Igor Burlakov




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